Fred Slone Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Your Alaska Drunk Driving Defense Attorney
Fred Slone
Alaska dui defense attorney
Fred Slone Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Hiring A Qualified OWI Defense Attorney
Fred Slone
Alaska Attorney at Law
Fred Slone Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Drinking
And Driving

Fred Slone
Alaska Attorney at Law
Fred Slone Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Arrested For DUI?
Know Your Rights!
Fred Slone
Alaska Attorney at Law
Fred Slone Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Your Professinal License And A DUI
Fred Slone
Alaska Attorney at Law
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Fred Slone Alaska Attorney At Law Do I need to hire a drunk driving defense attorney?
Fred Slone
Alaska attorney at law


Alaska county map

Jackson County - Black River Falls Alaska

Alaska has 159 counties, all of which are displayed in the map above. Your ticket will indicate the county or municipality that has jurisdiction over your case. By clicking on the county in the map above, you can also see which attorneys regularly represent people in those jurisdictions.

Alaska dui defense represents Alaska's Best Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys.

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These attorneys also offer a free initial consultation to people who are seeking to hire an attorney to represent them (or someone else for whom they are hiring an attorney).

To take advantage of the free initial consultation, please contact an attorney by calling 1-877-749-7858 or using the online form to contact an attorney directly.

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If we can be of help, please call us at 1-877-749-7858, or use the online form to contact an attorney today.

about is not advertising. Attorneys cannot buy their way onto this website or into the program; rather, they must earn their way there. Some of these attorneys are Super Lawyers, some are featured on various directories; however, none of those credentials matter here. The criteria that sets these attorneys apart from all the rest is their knowledge of, experience in, and success with defending drunk driving cases. These attorneys are reviewed by their hardest critics - their peers - for their knowledge of Alaska's drunk driving laws, pre-trial preparation, and courtroom performance, as well as their ability to articulate that knowledge and experience where it matters most - in litigation.

The attorneys here must have no reservations towards referring a client to one another. That single most critical fact sets this site apart from any other.


While no assurances of success can be given (the bar prohibits any such promises) and past results must be disclaimed so as not to reflect a promise of future performance, you can rest reassured by hiring one of these attorneys that they have been scrutinized by their peers, and they are regarded as the most qualified and experienced DUI defense lawyers in this state.

The information at this website and on pages to which it may link is not nor is it intended to be legal advice, nor is it warranted for accuracy, timeliness or correctness. No person should ever make legal decisions based on general information; the law is not generalized, but specifically applied to all cases and the facts therein.

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