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Jonas Bednarek - DUI Defense Attorney Request a call from this Attorney!
jonas bednarek
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David Saperstein - DUI Defense Attorney Request a call from an Attorney!
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operating after revocation

Operating a motor vehicle after your driver's license has been revoked - commonly referred to as "OAR" - is a criminal offense. A conviction can result in a fine of up to $2,500, and one year in the county jail.  The sentencing judge can also consider prior convictions for operating after conviction.

getting revoked

The state of Wisconsin revokes driving privileges for a handful of serious offenses, drunk driving among them. Other offenses that can result in revocation include fleeing a police officer and hit and run.

set period of time

When the state revokes a person's driving privileges, the revocation is for a specific period of time. At the end of the revocation period, the driver's license can be reinstated provided the driver has not been arrested for a subsequent driving after revocation or other driving offense.

avoiding criminal sentence

The best way to avoid a criminal sentence for driving after revocation really is to avoid driving if your license has been revoked.

One possible defense to avoid a criminal conviction for operating a motor vehicle after revocation is a lack of knowledge. If the notice of revocation was lost in the mail, you would not have "knowingly" operated a motor vehicle without a license.

reinstatement of driver's license

Reinstatement of your driver's license is easily handled by visiting your local Wisconsin Department of Transportation. You should ask that your license be reinstated as soon as you become eligible.

operating after revocation attorneys

Wisconsin's Best Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys stand ready to defend you against criminal charges for operating after revoked. They have defended many people against the same charge. You can  rest reassured that they can help.

To contact one of Wiscosnin's Best DUI Defense attorneys, please use the online form to e-mail or call (1-877-749-7858).

Attorney Profile
jonas bednarek
Attorney Jonas Bednarek - Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense Lawyerjonas bednarek
wisconsin attorney at law
location: 10 E. Doty Street
Suite 617
Madison WI 53703
phone: 1-877-749-7858
e-mail: Jonas Bednarek
owi resume: Jonas Bednarek

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Attorney Profile
Christopher Dyer
Attorney Christopher Dyer - Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense LawyerChristopher Dyer
wisconsin attorney at law
location: 200 Mason Street
Suite 1
Onalaska, WI 54650
phone: 1-877-749-7858
e-mail: Christopher Dyer
owi resume: Christopher Dyer

If you have been arrested for operating after revocation, please contact one of Wisconsin's Best DUI Defense attorneys as soon as possible.

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