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America's Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

america's best dui defense lawyers

OWI-DUI.com presents America's Best Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys.

facing dui charges?

Drunk driving (DUI / OWI / DWI) laws are tough, with rigid sentencing guidelines mandating jail time and fines, laws requiring driver's license suspension or revocation, alcohol abuse treatment, intoxicated driver programs and zero tolerance for a driver with a commercial driver's license. Field sobriety tests may be fouled, but a refusal to submit to a test can have you wondering how to get out of jail.

To make matters even more complex, occupational licenses are not automatic in many states,swiss replica watches and the consequences are not good if you are caught operating after a suspension, or worse if you are operating after revocation (which is a crime).

Should I hire an Attorney?

You may be wondering if you really need to hire a lawyer, how to hire a really good qualified DUI defense attorney, or if you can just represent yourself. If this is your first drunk driving charge, you'll be required to pay fines, obtain special proof of insurance, and pay higher insurance premiums. If this is your second, third or fourth drunk driving offense, you are facing criminal misdemeanor charges. If this is your 5th or higher OWI offense, or if there was a vehicular homicide involved, you are facing felony charges. The level of the charge you are accused of depends on the number of prior convictions, and while the district attorney may be counting prior convictions incorrectly, challenging prior convictions is something best deferred to a qualified DUI defense lawyer. OWI appeals, while potentially successful, are costly and time consuming.

DUI defense attorneys

With more than one million lawyers actively practicing law in the United States, you might be wondering how to find an attorney whom you can trust and rely upon to handle your drunk driving case in the manner that you would handle it if you had enough time to learn all of the laws to prepare yourself for a zealous prosecuting attorney and an impatient court. The Internet is full of thousands of attorneys, many of whom handle drunk driving cases, most of whom pay to get their names in directories, on referral boards, or "up in lights" to impress you and entice you to pick them first. But how do you know they are good?

how do you know who is good?

The criteria that sets attorneys apart one from another, that justifies their fees,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches and that is worthy of your trust isn't how much they spend on advertising, nor how many of your friends they have helped with simple speeding tickets. No. Drunk driving charges are serious life-changing events. What truly sets attorneys apart one from another is their knowledge of the law, their ability to formulate compelling legal arguments, and their records of winning cases similar to yours. However, finding that information has not been easy - until now.

free initial consultation

Free Initial ConsultationFREE INITIAL CONSULTATION: Attorneys offering a free initial consultation display the free initial consultation icon. All attorneys on owi-dui.com offer a free initial consultation for all charges, with one exception - Expungement's - not all attorneys offer free initial consultations for Expungement's due to the fact that to even answer your question of whether or not you might be able to have your criminal record expunged, a great deal of investigation must take place - Expungement's, like occupational license, are not automatic.

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Free Initial ConsultationOWI-DUI.COM DISCOUNT PROGRAM: Attorneys displaying the OWI-DUI Discount icon participate in the OWI-DUI Discount Program, which helps you obtain lower attorney fees by taking dollars off of your attorney bill.


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