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david saperstein
Attorney David Saperstein - Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense Lawyerdavid saperstein
wisconsin attorney at law
location: 10 E. Doty Street
Suite 617
Madison WI 53703
phone: 1-877-749-7858
e-mail: David Saperstein
owi resume: David Saperstein
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Attorney David Saperstein
recent cases
Bednarek Law Offices' client was sentenced to 6 months home confinement and probation in this Federal THC case.

OWI 3rd offense, also a misdemeanor drunk driving charge in the state of Wisconsin. BLO challenged the prior OWI 2nd conviction and successfully obtained a reduction down to a first offense OWI.

OWI 3rd Offense. BLO successfully reduced the charge to a 1st Offense OWI.

Federal OWI dismissed after winning a motion on an unconstitutional stop.

OWI Charge was amended to a reckless driving.

Dane county owi 3rd offense dismissed

OWI Second Offense, with a minor passenger in the vehicle. Bednarek Law attorneys argued to the Court that the police lacked the authority to arrest his client. The Court agreed; charges were dismissed.

First drunk driving offense (OWI) and Refusal (refusing to submit to a sobriety test), the jury deliberated for only 11 minutes before returning a not guilty verdict. Attorney Bednarek's client was acquitted on all charges.

Third offense of drunk driving (OWI - 3rd). Bednarek attorneys successfully negotiated an amendment to the charges down to reckless driving.

3rd offense of drunk driving, an OWI 3rd under Wisconsin laws. Bednarek Law Office successfully obtained a dismissal of the case due to his contention, and the Court's agreement with him, that police had violated his client's Fourth Amendment rights.

Madison Wisconsin municipal court OWI dropped to reckless driving

Minor charged with drunk driving, Bednarek attorneys successfully negotiated the charges down to underage drinking.
Wisconsin State Bar, Attorney in Good Standing
Wisconsin State Bar, Attorney at Law, (WisBar)

practice focus:

Attorney David Saperstein defends people whom have been charged with OWI DUI offenses. His successful track record encompasses every type of drunk driving offense, including Test Refusal, OWI with a CDL, Operating After Suspension, Operating After Revocation, Vehicular Homicide While Intoxicated, and other misdemeanor and felony charges. Attorney Saperstein also handles Expungements, challenging prior OWI convictions, and reopening cases for trial and on appeal. He has extensive experience in challenging field sobriety tests and helping people save their driver's license.

drunk driving focus:

The majority of Attorney Saperstein's law practice is focused on denfending people charged with drunk driving related offenses. He represents people against every type of DUI offense.

Drunk driving defense
Misdemeanor OWI defense
OWI 1st
OWI 2nd
OWI 3rd
OWI 4th
Felony OWI defense
OWI 5th or higher
Test refusal defense
Saving your driver's license
Operating after suspension defense
Operating after revocation defense
Vehiculaer Homicide
Vehiculaer Homicide while operating a vehicle under the influence
owi related credentials:

Attorney David Saperstein prides himself on a thorough investigation of each case and an assurance that the client can expect a straightforward evaluation and consultation on the merits of their case. You are innocent unless proven guilty... that's the law.

You have but one chance to prove your innocence; make it count with the attorneys at Bednarek Law Offices.

wisconsin jurisdictions:

Attorney David Saperstein handles cases in and around Madison, Wisconsin, and across the state of Wisconsin.

Madison, WI (Dane County)
Richland Center (Richland County)
Monroe (Green County)
Janesville (Rock County)
Baraboo (Sauk County)
Portage (Columbia County)
Lancaster (Grant County)
Prairie du Chien (Crawford County)
Wausau (Marathon County)
Eau Claire (Eau Claire County)
La Crosse (LaCrosse County)
Sparta (Monroe County)
Green Bay
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Psychology and Political Science, 1995
Thomas Cooley Law School, Lansing, Michigan
memberships & awards:
Wisconsin State Bar, Attorney at Law, (WisBar)
Dane County Bar Association, Criminal Law Section
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL)
Super Lawyers, 2010
Super Lawyers, 2009
Super Lawyers, 2008
Super Lawyers, 2007

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