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RudolphMike Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Vehicular Homicide
Mike Rudolph
fox valley DUI defense attorney
G. Brian Brophy Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Field Sobriety Tests
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Rudolph Mike - DUI Defense Attorney Wisconsin DUI Laws
Mike Rudolph
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Brian Brophy Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Request a call from an Attorney!
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dui defense

field sobriety and blood tests

When police stop a person whom they may suspect is driving while under the influence, the driver may be asked to submit to a field sobriety test. :: READ MORE ::

Once placed under arrest, a blood sample may be demanded by police. :: READ MORE ::


Refusing to submit to a blood or breath test is a violation of Wisconsin implied consent laws. If a person refuses to submit to a test, they will be ticketed. A refusal counts as an OWI on a person's criminal record for purposes of counting convictions to determine the level of the offense. :: READ MORE ::

owi and pac tickets

If you are arrested, you may receive two tickets. One ticket is for drunk driving, while the other is for violating the legal limit laws. :: READ MORE ::

jail time & fines

A conviction for drunk driving is a violation of the laws regarding driving while under the influence - OWI - commonly called drunk driving - DUI - or driving while impaired - DWI - will result in fines. With the exception of the first offense, a conviction will also result in jail time, and may result in other penalties such as an interlocking system. :: READ MORE ::

sentencing guidelines

Sentencing guidelines provide courts will recommended jail time, fines and other penalties, but courts need not follow them and most impose penalties in excess of the guidelines. :: READ MORE ::

getting out of jail

A person who has been arrested and incarcerated for a second, third or fourth drunk driving offense will be housed in a county (or sometimes a city) jail, and their car will be impounded and taken to the impound lot. To get out of jail, they will need to bond out. :: READ MORE ::

should you lawyer-up?

At any court hearing in which a defendant is not represented by legal counsel, the judge will highly recommend to the defendant that a lawyer be retained before proceeding. There is a reason for that: you have rights, but it is neither the judge's job or the prosecutor's job to ensure that your rights are protected and defended; that job is left to you and your lawyer. If you do not have an attorney, the burden falls squarly on your shoulders to know the law, how to apply the law to your situation, to know your rights and how to defend them, and to know court procedures. :: READ MORE ::

which one attorney is right for you

Hiring a drunk driving defense attorney from amoungst the several hundred in Wisconsin that might handle DUI defense cases is no longer as difficult a process as it has been previously; the attorneys presented here are Wisconsin's best drunk driving defense lawyers.


the law firm's location

The law firm's location is not nearly as important as is the lawyer's familiarity with the court in which your case will be heard.


administrative hearing

At the administrative hearing, which is held by an administrative judge with the Department of Motor Vehciles, the judge will determine whether you will keep or lose your driver's license.


saving your driver's license

If you do nothing to save your driver's license after a drunk driving arrest, you will lose it for a period of time.


Occupational driver's licenses

An occupational driver's license is not a right, nor is it issued automatically.


drunk driving and commercial driver's licenses

An OWI conviction will result in the loss of your commercial driver's license (CDL).


alcohol abuse treatment before & after trial

Alcohol abuse treatment programs such as private or group meetings, long-term treatment such as Alcoholic's Anonymous and treatment centers can be helpful and may be ordered by the court.


intoxicated driver program

The intoxicated driver programs include an assessment of a potential alcohol or drug abuse problem.


operating after suspension

It is a criminal offense for a person to drive a car, truck, bus or any other motorized vehicle after their driver's license has been suspended.


operating after driver's license revocation

It is a criminal offense for a person to drive a motorized vehicle of any type after their driver's license has been revoked.


self representation

While you certainly can represent yourself at trial on a drunk driving charge, even attorneys hire an attorney to represent them.


pleas - not guilty, no contest, guilty

Guilty and no contest pleadings have the same result - a conviction - in drunk driving cases. A guilty plea admits to all the charges alleged against you. A no contest plea leave the verdict in the hands of the judge, who will find you guilty. But you have a right to plead not guilty.


how to hire a drunk driving defense lawyer

You have begun the best process available on the web by visiting a site where only the state's most qualified and experienced drunk driving defense lawyers are presented, now here are some tips on how to hire one of them.


Proof of Insurance

Once convicted for driving while under the influence, you will be required to obtain a special proof of insurance.


misdemeanor owi charges

An OWI second, third or fourth offense is a criminal misdemeanor charge.


felony owi charges

An OWI fifth, sixth or higher offense is a criminal felony charge.


vehicular homicide

A homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle is a felony offense.


Counting prior owi convictions

While all prior drunk driving convictions and test refusals will be immediately counted when a person is charged with an OWI in Wisconsin, not all prior's are applicable.


challenging prior owi convictions

Unfortunately, even though all prior's may not count, they are often counted; therefore, your attorney must challenge prior convictions during trial or on appeal.



An expungement is a procedure through which the convicted person asks the court to seal a criminal record, often referred to as erasing a record.


reasonable doubt

Reasonable doubt is the standard applied to criminal cases by the jury or judge during the reconciliation process of evidence to questions of innocence of the alleged charges.


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