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owi & pac tickets

two tickets for one arrest

When you are charged with operating while under the influence (an OWI), you are invariably also charged with having a “Prohibited Alcohol Concentration” (often referred to a "PAC").

prohibited alcohol concentration

A prohibited alcohol concent violation means that the state is alleging that the percentage of alcohol in your blood system exceeded the allowance tolerated under Wisconsin law.

separate ticket for pac violation

A separate citation is given to a person whose blood alcohol concentration ratio (referred to as "BAC") is excess of the limit so that the prosecution may then pursue the alleged violator for having an illegal blood alcohol concentration ratio in the event that they are not (or may not be) successful in pursuing prosecution for operating while under the influence.

defending against a pac allegation

There are many defenses that an experienced drunk driving defense attorney can raise to overcome the allegation of an "OWI" charge, including but not limited to challenging the police officer's viewpoint.

In the instance of a PAC allegation, however, the defenses differ greatly. Here, the defense must challenge and disprove scientific fact, machinery incapable of human error or the professional services of very seasoned medical personnel.

Sound difficult? Well, yes, for the common defense it is an unsurmountal task.

hope on the horizon

There is however a silver lining with the lawyers presented here. These drunk driving defense attorneys have challenged many machines and won; they've attacked the science of drunk driving charges and disproven it; and they've won numerous cases on the reasonable doubt they were able to raise in trusting a machine to produce valid and unfoulable test results.

If you have received a citation for violating the prohibited alcohol concentration laws of the state of Wisconsin, please call an attorney at 1-877-749-7858 or use the online form to send your case information.

Call 1-800-978-4828
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