RudolphMike Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Save Your Driver's
Mike Rudolph
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G. Brian Brophy Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Two tickets?
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RudolphMike Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Vehicular Homicide
Mike Rudolph
fox valley DUI defense attorney
G. Brian Brophy Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Field Sobriety Tests
brian brophy
madison dui defense Attorney
Tracey A. Wood Attorney at Law DUI Defense Lawyer Challenging Prior OWI Convictions
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Rudolph Mike - DUI Defense Attorney Wisconsin DUI Laws
Mike Rudolph
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van wagner recent cases
No charges in vehicular homicide case. Alcohol not a factor.

Charges for bail jumping after release on bond with charges for vehicular homicide while under the influence pending.

Driving while under the influence (of drugs) charges dismissed.
van wagner
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Martin Hanson Advocate's Prize [Three-time recipient]

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Ethics in Law (State Bar of Wisconsin).

Trial Skills, Wisconsin Public Defender Trial Skills Academy [Lake Delavan WI]

NITA Trial Skills Programs [Northwestern Law School, Chicago, Teaching Faculty]

Advocacy Through Humor [Wisconsin Associations of Criminal Defense Lawyers]

Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Annual Speaker OWI Defense

Criminal negligence proves difficult to prove [Eau Claire WI Negligent Homicide]

A Jury Of Your Peers [Court TV]

Understanding Homicide Prosecution [Madison 3000]

reasonable doubt from
a jury of your peers at trial

At first glance, the terms "beyond a reasonable doubt" and a trial by a "jury of your peers" manifest a tremendous hurdle to overcome doubt amongst people just like yourself, but the reality that a person experiences in a criminal trial is very different.

beyond a reasonable doubt

During a criminal trial, witnesses give testimony, and evidence is entered into the trial record and shown to the jury in an attempt to prove that the defendant committed the crime charged. At the end of the trial, the judge instructs the jury on the law, and asks the jurors to consider all of the witnesses and evidence to determine the defendant's guilt. If the jurors, they are told, can find the defendant guilty of the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt, then they should return a guilty verdict; otherwise, they should return a not guilty verdict.

Although every defendant is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of justice, the reality in a criminal trial is that the alleged criminal is often times presumed guilty of the crime charged in the eyes of the jurors, and must prove his innocence.

To avoid a mistaken guilty verdict, with the prosecuting attorney working diligently to prove guilt, it usually requires a highly skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney to prevail.

jury of your peers

The term "peers" is often interpreted to mean people of approximately your age, with similar religious beliefs, earning about the same income and having been born in a similar society.

However, the jury pool from which jurors are selected for a criminal trial isn't selected from a database using those types of demographic filters. Rather, the jury pool is selected randomly from the local community. A jury of your peers means a random selection of the people who live in and around the community where the trial will be held. The final jury may consist of people much older or younger than you; people of very diverse religious beliefs; people earning below the poverty level, as well as those earning in the millions, and all income brackets in between. can help

The sooner you hire that one attorney to represent you in your drunk driving case, the sooner he or she can begin to prepare for trial. Prior to trial, if that is the route your case ensues, there are many opportunities to make the best of a very bad situation. But if you wait too long to hire an attorney, you will miss those opportunities, and they come but one time.

To contact an attorney today, please call 1-877-749-7858 or use the online form to contact one or more attorneys. Please also refer to the discount coupon offer to get $50 off your attorney fees.

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